Collin Ulmer Productions

I am a local expert in event management, podcast production and editing, and video production and editing.

Podcast Producer

I produce, edit, and even star in over 8 podcasts currently – I have the capacity to go even further. Let me help produce your story!

Movie Buff

I host my own podcast discussing movies with my friends. I watched over 200 movies last year, so I take this pretty seriously.

Video Producer

Utilizing cutting-edge tools and methods, I will make any video up to your highest expectations. YouTube, shorts, etc. available.

Event Manager

As a full-time and passionate event manager, I will dedicate myself to make your event unforgettable.


I am the producer, editor, and consultant for eight podcasts currently, including the Athlete+ Network at the University of Florida and various individual podcasts.

My own podcast, Movie Boys, is on the up-and-up. I sit down to discuss any movie that may pique my interest or yours! Listen to Movie Boys now!

“Every person has a story to tell. I want to make sure that your story is told in a way that you can be proud to share.”

Collin Ulmer

Why Choose Collin Ulmer Productions


I promise that I will dedicate myself to making your goals come true in every way possible, from start to finish. Your success is also my success!


I will make sure to get your work completed in a timely manner so that you can accomplish your professional and personal goals.


I am available via email and cell phone within 24 hours of contact, forever. It is my priority that you are satisfied and come back for more!

Let’s Work Together!

Contact me today for general inquiries, pricing, and more!

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